The story of Sorenson Farms Antiques began in 1994 as a dream vacation to Europe. When Judy and her husband Lee, were touring the Cottswolds area of England, they fell in love with the cottage pine furniture they found.  They decided to purchase a 20ft. shipping container and began to shop for antiques to fill it.  They traveled all over England, Wales, Amsterdam, the flea markets of Paris and the south of France. At this point, they didn't even  have a building to house their treasures and they were both still very busy working at their professions, so when the container arrived about three months later, they opened it up and began selling antiques in the parking lot of a building they owned on Hwy. 1.

The response was over whelming.  When people driving by saw the furniture in the parking lot, there were some near collisions caused by cars stopping to quickly to pull into the parking lot.

The rest is history....
Today, Sorenson Farms Antiques is probably best known for their creation of unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, designed by Judy and crafted by Lee from antique archetecturals, vintage hardware and old lumber.

The shop also presents an eclectic mix of  English and French country furniture and decorative items as well as some wonderful Early American pieces.  In addition, you will also find outdoor furniture and hand crafted potting benches. Judy enjoys creating delightful antique vignettes which add to the total charm of the shop.
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